The Role of Music and Songs in Children's Language Learning

The Role of Music and Songs in Children's Language Learning

From children's shows on TV to popular nursery rhymes on streaming platforms, such as "Baby Shark", chances are you've heard it too! Catchy melodies and memorable lyrics can easily help children retain the words through songs. Music is a powerful tool in a child's language-learning journey. For kids, it's not just entertainment; it also enhances their language retention. Let's explore how it aids in making language learning more effortless for children!

 Songs in Children's Language Learning

**1. Enhancing Memory**

When children repeatedly hear the same lyrics, their brains start to recognize and remember the words and sentence structures, making it easier for them to recall the language associated with that tune. This repetition is not only about word recognition; importantly, children begin to grasp the language's tone, rhythm, and context. This method of learning, as opposed to mere reading or passive listening, is far more direct and effective.


**2. Maintaining Focus**

During study sessions, our attention can easily drift due to external distractions, especially when the brain struggles with abstract information or focuses on one topic for extended periods. That's where music comes in. It creates an auditory backdrop, making it harder for sudden sounds or noise to divert our attention. However, when selecting background music for studying, it's crucial to avoid catchy popular songs. Opt for purely instrumental pieces instead, as lyrics or vocal messages can be distracting.


**3. Stabilizing Emotions**

Music has the potential to stimulate the brain and boost energy. Listening to upbeat rhythms can invigorate listeners, enabling the brain to process information faster and generate new ideas. Furthermore, music has a positive impact on emotions. It satisfies our auditory needs, and by listening to it, our brain releases dopamine, inducing relaxation. As a result, music not only adjusts our mood but also sparks creativity, assisting individuals in thinking and producing inspired works.

At Berlitz, we offer more than just reading and writing materials. We enhance your learning experience by providing audio clips and videos for auditory practice, making the process even more engaging! We aspire to inspire parents and educators alike to embrace the use of music and songs as invaluable tools in children's language learning journey, aiming for both joy and effectiveness. Should you be intrigued by the language courses at Berlitz Taiwan, we warmly invite you to reach out for further details.