The Asian Games

The Asian Games

The Asian Games are a significant regional sporting event that began in 1912. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's originally scheduled competition was delayed by a year and finally took place in Hangzhou, China in 2023. It featured 482 sports events, including esports and breakdancing as official categories. In addition to enjoying the impressive performances of athletes from various countries, we are often moved by the meaningful slogans and taglines that are used. These seemingly simple phrases often reflect the profound cultural and national sentiments of each country. Let's explore these slogans and taglines to uncover the linguistic and cultural richness behind them.

The Asian Games logans and taglines


  1. 2006 Doha (Qatar) - "THE GAMES OF YOUR LIFE." The Asian Games held in an Arab country for the first time were truly remarkable, with grandeur unlike any other. The slogan showcased Qatar's eagerness to host a major event and its unwavering commitment to peace, hope, and the well-being of its people. Qatar understood the significance of these Games and aimed to display its culture and values to all of Asia and the world with optimism, determination, and inclusivity. The slogan also reflects the pride and affection the Qatari people have for their nation, viewing the Games not just as a sporting event but as a platform to showcase their national culture.


  1. 2014 Incheon (South Korea) - "Diversity Shines Here!" The slogan resonates deeply with Asia's diversity, encompassing not just its varied cultures and history but also its acceptance of multiple religious beliefs. For Asians, such diversity isn't merely a strength; it's a cherished value, exemplifying our capacity for harmonious coexistence. The emblem of the Games, depicting hands joined in the air, conveys the aspiration of "Breath for Peace, the Future of Asia," fostering hope for peace across the continent. Additionally, the chosen mascots, three adorable seal siblings, symbolizing wind, light, and dance, respectively, represent the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.


  1. 2018 Jakarta - "ENERGY OF ASIA." This slogan not only accentuates Jakarta as a representative city of Asia but also captures the unique energy and potential inherent in Asians. It motivates Asians to unlock their potential, challenge personal boundaries, and express the vibrancy of our generation. Implicit in the tagline is a desire to showcase the identity and passion for Asia. The design of the medals also carried a profound meaning, merging the Asian Games emblem with traditional Indonesian batik patterns, emphasizing Indonesia's cultural diversity and harmonious integration of its various ethnic groups. The batik motif metaphorically signifies the diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds of the athletes and their united spirit in the competition.


  1. 2023 Hangzhou (China) - "Heart to Heart, @Future." The slogan reveals the core principles of the bid – green, intelligent, frugal, and civilized, while simultaneously unveiling the event's overarching vision of simplicity, safety, and excitement. It emphasizes connections across nations, along with contemplations of the present and future. It suggests that when nations share common aspirations, living in peaceful coexistence and pursuing mutual goals, only then can we genuinely progress toward a more sustainable, smarter, and more civilized future. This slogan resonates with today's global emphasis on sustainability, environmental protection, and technology, highlighting China's vision of peace, unity, and foresight. Beyond the competition, many athletes established deep friendships across linguistic and cultural barriers, sharing dreams and experiences.


Moreover, this Asian Games also showcased the cultural displays of various countries, embodying elements that Berlitz passionately promotes and educates about. Learning a language is not just about speaking; we believe that through language learning, we can deeply understand and appreciate these cultures.