Valentine's Day: Things You Shouldn't Miss About the Celebration

Eastern or Western Valentine's Day

Do you ever find joy in celebrating holidays? Throughout the year, numerous occasions hold significance and provide opportunities for commemoration. These occasions encompass a rich tapestry of national traditions, cultural customs, and even festivities that resonate with specific ethnic groups. Among these, there's a special day dedicated to those who share a romantic bond – Valentine's Day. When it comes to Valentine's Day, what most people might think of is the promotional activities seen in various corners, ranging from major department stores to even convenience shops. Restaurants offering special holiday-exclusive menus and even launching couple-specific events create a whirlwind of commercial advertisements that dazzle everyone's eyes.

Valentine's Day

 Certainly, for many couples who hold rituals dear, this festive atmosphere is a cherished experience. You're likely familiar with Western Valentine's Day, an annual celebration on February 14th. The prominent narrative of Western Valentine's Day dates back to the 3rd century AD, during the era of the Roman Empire. At that time, the emperor commanded unmarried men to enlist in the military, forbidding them from marrying. In defiance of this order, the priest Valentine conducted marriages for numerous couples. His actions were eventually discovered by soldiers, leading to his untimely demise. In homage to his bravery, the 14th of February was marked as a day of remembrance, evolving into what we now know as Western Valentine's Day.

Now, let's shift our gaze to Asian Valentine's Day – the Qixi Festival celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. This festival is steeped in the timeless tale of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. The Weaver Girl was a master of the art of weaving, while the Cowherd tended to his cattle. Their paths converged one fateful day, across the expanse of the celestial Milky Way. An intense affection bloomed, and they pledged their love sincerely. However, the Heavenly Emperor intervened, decreeing their separation and thwarting their reunification. Undeterred by this celestial decree, their yearning endured until the 7th day of the 7th month. At this juncture, magpies and crows sensed their longing and constructed a bridge in the heavens – the famed "Magpie Bridge" – allowing the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl to reunite. This tale embodies unwavering love, underscoring humanity's yearning for profound and unblemished affection.

In locales such as Taiwan, regions often celebrate Qixi with vibrant fireworks displays, inviting couples to bask in romantic moments by the tranquil riversides.

Regardless of whether we traverse Eastern or Western Valentine's Day, beyond the essential tradition of sharing a meal, the art of gift-giving takes center stage. Many find themselves grappling with the intricacies of selecting fitting gifts. Let's journey together to uncover the bedrock principles of gift-giving!

  1. **Be well prepared beforehand ahead of time:** Devote time to early preparation, be it in selecting the perfect eatery, securing reservations, or curating gifts. Steer clear of hasty, last-minute decisions to evade the disappointment of unavailable reservations or unsuitable presents. Proactive planning speaks volumes of your mindfulness and consideration for your partner.
  1. **Hit on what one likes:** Truly understand your partner's preferences. Immerse yourself in the finer nuances of your life to discern gifts that harmonize with your inclinations. Gifts that mirror their tastes can deepen your connection and kindle cherished sentiments.
  1. **Embrace Distinctiveness:** Opt for gifts that exude distinctiveness, like handwritten cards that eloquently convey your emotions. Wholesome, handcrafted delights fashioned by your own hands promise to evoke delight in your partner.
  1. **Gift-wrap:** The art of presentation lies in the packaging. Graceful packaging elevates the perceived value of the gift, underscoring your meticulousness. Choose packaging that aligns with the occasion, whether in its elegant simplicity or effusive surprises – this choice will augment the allure of the gift.

Our rendezvous with the Qixi Festival awaits next week! Envision delightful surprises for your beloved, and don't overlook the touch of sincerity in a handwritten card!