Private online French classes

Private online French classes

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Learn one-on-one with a qualified Berlitz instructor, wherever you are. Whether you're learning French to relocate, for a specific work project or an upcoming family event, these online language lessons are the ideal option if you need to reach fluency fast. 

You’ll get the same Berlitz experience and fast results as you would if you learned at one of our learning centers, but with the freedom to learn online at a time and place that suits you.

Why choose Berlitz Live Online private language classes?

  • Lessons are delivered in your French language. This immersive approach helps you learn quickly, and simulates the experience of using your new language abroad.

  • Live Online classes offer real-time feedback and guidance from real humans.

  • Our friendly Berlitz-qualified instructors come from all over the world, meaning that while you learn, you’ll be exposed to a variety of accents and cultures.

  • With online private language classes, your instructors are fully dedicated to your learning goals and are there to keep you motivated on your journey to fluency.

  • You will have access to Berlitz's online resources and materials to enhance your learning experience outside of classroom.

What will be taught in Berlitz's French class?

For example, in Berlitz French 1 covers a variety of topics including basic vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, and grammar rules. The textbook starts with the French alphabet and numbers, and progresses to cover greetings, introductions, family, food, daily activities, and travel. You will learn to form simple sentences, ask questions, and express basic ideas in French. The textbook also includes exercises to help reinforce the material, as well as cultural notes to provide context and insight into French culture.

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